About {m}other.

About {m}other magazine 

Through humor, essay, memoir, narrative nonfiction and investigative journalism, {m}other will feature writers, artists, and critical thinkers from all walks of life to inform, educate, inspire, and engage. 

What {m}other is not 

A mommy blog. It won’t cover best diaper brands or host message boards for medical questions.  It’s not heteronormative. It’s not only for parents.

What {m}other is

A forum for intelligent discourse at the intersection of the public and the private, written by and for culturally-engaged individuals both young and old. {m}other is your world, your backyard; it strives to bring real life home. It is irreverent and irresistible. It thrives on social media but warrants the deeper dive. It’s the best writing out there, compulsively relevant and never, ever fake.

About {m}eredith

Failed surfer, textile arts enthusiast, urban beach dweller, collector of stones and occasional songwriter, Meredith Hinshaw-Chaney loves to play with words and listen to audio books with her 9-year-old daughter, Aydin. She works in an actual office in Brooklyn, NY and always wishes she got more sleep.